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The Retreat

We will begin the retreat with light breakfast and coffee at 8:30am and then officially start at 9am to set our intentions for our time together and introduce one another. We will take a journey together through a variety of activities that promote laughter, provide the opportunity to share, and connect with one another.


Improv Games and Warm Ups

You will be guided through a series of warm ups to get connected and grounded while having fun and being silly.

We will then play games to tell stories, create scenes, and interact with one another through movement and communication.

Authentic Relating Games:

The principles of AR games will set the tone for our retreat and we will play some games to help us get to know each other and understand how we show up when we communicate together.

Laughter Yoga:

We will do a series of activities where we will laugh on command but experience spontaneous laughter due to how contagious it will be once we begin.  It is a wonderful opportunity to let go and experience the physical as well as mental benefits of laughing.

Brain Science: 

Join us in the Zen Barn movie theatre to learn more about how our brain benefits from humor and laughter through.

Meet Your Facilitators

Heather Winslow  has been performing, producing, and teaching stand-up/improv comedy to the Charlottesville and Richmond community for twelve years. As a recent graduate from the University of Virginia, her hopes are to incorporate humor and brain science into a new fundamental understanding of how we can heal our planet and learn new ways of being with laughter and creativity. In 2022, she started a new organization called The Healing Humor Lab. She is also a professional writer, teacher, mother of five children, and wife. 



Victoria Bryant Torres has been a dancer, teacher, and performer in Charlottesville, Virginia for the past decade.  She has been a part of the Charlottesville improv group, Bent Theatre, for the last four years and has performed in various local venues.  She loves to live her life as art and teach it to others in the forms of dance and improv comedy.  She also is a Spanish language and culture educator and facilitates the middle school improv club at Tandem Friends School.  Victoria facilitates retreats and manages events at the White Lotus Eco Spa Retreat in Stanardsville, VA.

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